Is not knowing one of the fandoms a deterrent to you from reading something?

This is Chris' question for the episode. Feel free to share your thoughts and answers.
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Victory March

I only try new fusion AUs and tropes I haven't heard of when I have the emotional and mental energy to spare figuring out what's going on. I love new concepts and fandoms when I have the energy to be curious, but if I'm tired I prefer to know what I'm getting into.
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I have two fusions that are my ultimate favorite and I know hell about the original fandom: Daemons and Sentinel/Guides. That is <i>the</i> fastest way to get me to read a fic. Are the characters Sentiels? Guides? Do they have daemons? Hell <i>yes</i> I am reading that story. Some of my favorite stories are fusions. I have one for the hobbit fandom (The Oak and The Ash by sunryder) and one in the sherlock holmes fandom (Observations on Sentinels and Guides in Victorian London by RyuuzaKochou). There's also a WIP in the sherlock fandom that has daemons (The Republic Heaven by Blind_Author).
I mean, those are the only two fusions I'll generally read, but I read the hell out of them. But yeah, I agree that you have to have the energy and ambition to figure out what is going on if you have a real involved fusion. I feel the two I read, you don't really need to much about the original fandom. Especially Sentinels/Guides. That has been so fanonized that it took me months, when I first started reading, to realize there was a show the idea can from.
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