We talked a bit about woobification and when fluff overtakes the canon, but what are your thoughts on characterization in romantic tropefic?
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Sorry to revive a long dead topic, but I just listened to this episode and felt I must comment as a new listener.

I got lured back into the Fanfic game a couple years ago by a great video game called Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. In it, the player plays as a silent protagonist who lives his normal life going to school and doing odd jobs around town and balancing relationships while also going into a secret world at night to fight monsters. The relationship aspect is a big part, and the fandom of the game is dominated by talks of "best girl" and whether or not the main character has a harem of girls. 

Because the characters are so well fleshed out in the 100+ hour game, I think that it makes writing fanfic fun, since the game end off with the player created character exiting the game's main setting, leaving behind a cast of many characters who have all changed over the course of the year. In the game you can form close friendships with your schoolmates, as well as romance many of the girls, and there are a ton of tropes used to make the situations familiar and charming. It was those interpersonal friendships/romances that I wanted to explore when I chose to write a fic for this game.

In my approach, I found staying in the canon characterization while trying to mold those characterizations into well known and familiar tropes was a very fun challenge. It forced me to think outside of the box and perfectly place the characters into situations that I knew would be either agonizing or cathartic to them, which in turn I could use to (hopefully) make the audience experience too. My fanfic ended up being platonic, but the sequel is moving into romance territory and I still find myself having a lot of fun playing with the tropes while remaining in the canon characterization as much as possible.

Obviously there's a place for OOC and woobification and fluff and all that, but my preferred take is to to play around with the characterization many fans grew to love in the first place and molding it into new situations that remain true to what they may have done before.

I hate to plug, but if anybody still haunts these forums, I'd love to hear some thoughts, since I'm new to romance/friendship/hurt/comfort!
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