We've received the following episode suggestions via our tumblr inbox.  I'm putting them here to record them so people can comment on whether there are particular ones they're more interested in.
  • True crime/true crime RPF fandom, specifically looking at the reasons that people find this a compelling thing to be fannish about
  • Femslash and related phenomena, including everything from early TV f/f fandoms like Xena: Warrior Princess to modern f/f canons like Carmilla
  • Toxic fandoms (specifically Anne Rice fandom was mentioned in this suggestion)
  • kinkmemes and the evolution of kinkmemes -- I believe we have an episode planned including this but wanted to include it here since it was received as a suggestion via tumblr
  • Game of Thrones fandom
  • Podcast fandoms (e.g. welcome to night vale)
  • Critics United on
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I would love an episode on how each contributor initially found out about and joined fandom/fanfiction. Mine is a very weird funny story. It feels like forever ago, but fanfiction didn't used to be so mainstream and you had to end up in a weird part of the internet to find (unless someone else you knew irl told you about it). Just an idea!
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