• How To Appreciate Your Authors

    In this episode, Lita and Amara join Enthusiasm Girl to talk about the various tools fans have and use to appreciate the authors they love, and the ways in which those tools influence authors and readers. What's the etiquette around leaving critical comments or reviews on a fic? Is it motivating or frustrating when an author gets a comment on their WIP telling them they need to post more often? Why is sorting for fic in a new fandom by kudos or favourites maybe not really going to find you the best fic out there? We tackle these questions and more as we discuss reviews, kudos, bookmarks, reblogs and all the other ways fans and fanfiction authors interact.

    1 2 What are your general thoughts on the episode? by Osidiano
  • Creators and Fanfiction

    In this episode, Chris and Joan join Enthusiasm Girl to talk about the relationship between creators and fanfiction writers. We get into the legal dimensions of the relationship that have caused crackdowns, lawsuit fears and the disclaimers that a lot of young fans wonder about. We talk about the evolution of creators from deity-like "Powers That Be" to accessible and equal partners in the narrative accessible via Twitter. And we name some specific names of creators whose relationship with fans have been... interesting.

    1 3 What are your general thoughts on the episode? by theotpodcast
  • Fluffy Romantic Tropes in Fanfiction

    In this episode, Enthusiasm Girl is joined by Tia and Lexi to talk about romantic tropes, those sometimes cliche, sometimes transcendent plot beats that drown you in fluff and bring the feels.

    3 5 How far from the canon characterization are you comfortable with people straying in your romance fic? How far is too far? by KingHippo42
  • Fanfiction in Anime and Manga Fandoms

    In this episode, Joan is the mod and she talks to Lita and Zee about fanfiction in anime and manga fandoms. They share their own history with anime and manga and get into how the Japanese culture and language gets absorbed into fic for better or for worse, a Sailor Moon fic that may or may not have been the worst fanfiction out there prior to My Immortal, and the subtle differences between loving dubs vs. subtitles. Plus a whole lot more.

    2 14 What were the first anime/manga series you got into? by Osidiano
  • The Continuing Evolution of Defenders Fandom

    In this episode, Lita and Birdy join Enthusiasm Girl to continue the ongoing conversation tracking Daredevil and Defenders fandom as it evolves, specifically talking about the impact of Daredevil Season 2 and Luke Cage. We marvel at how very wrong we were about certain things last year, dig into the appeal of Karen/Frank, Mariah/Shades, Matt/Karen and make an argument for why Elektra deserves more fic. We also look forward to the Defenders and get excited for less of Matt in costume, more shirtlessness in general, and the possibility of a new influx of Daredevil fans writing fanfiction.

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  • 2016 in Fic and Fandom

    It's a few months into 2017, but we're talking in this episode about all of the controversies, fic and fandom goings on that happened in 2016. Contributors Birdy and Summer join Enthusiasm Girl to discuss the important fandom questions of the previous year. Will Harry Potter fans end up like Hobbit fans thinking less is more as J.K. Rowling expands the Potterverse? Why exactly did Stormpilot lose ground to Kylux and Reylo? Why is there not more Doctor Strange fic? And is fandom, as some have claimed, entitled? Or is there just a backlash against its progressive spirit? All that and more as we try to sum up the year in fandom as best as we can in two hours and probably don't know more than we know about it.

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  • In Defense of Villains, "Problematic Faves" and "Trash" Ships

    In this episode, Lita and Zee join Enthusiasm Girl to talk about what it means and how it's perceived in fandom when you write or read about villains or morally grey characters. Some fans are in it for the redemption, others for the whump, while others come to it purely for the wrongbad dynamics. But no matter where the impulse comes from, we dig into why there's nothing wrong with it, the implications of defining it as "problematic" or feeling the need to call ourselves trash for liking it, and why villains are just as important and necessary as heroes both in fandom and in the stories we love.

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  • Alpha/Beta/Omega Universes in Fanfiction

    It's finally the A/B/O episode you've all been waiting for! In this episode, the mod talks to Lita and Chris about pack dynamics, knotting, gender and sexuality, domestic mpreg and why A/B/O is not whatever you're assuming it is.

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  • Generational Divides in Fandom

    Are older fans who write smut creepy? Do younger fans want to censor everyone? Is it possible for a young fan to love The X-Files and an older fan to love 1D? In this episode, the mod talks to two new contributors, Yentl and Zee, about reading and writing fanfiction no matter what age you are, how what our idea of what a fan looks like is probably very different from the reality, and about how we can bridge generational divides in fandom to better understand each other.

    3 4 What complaints do you have/are you aware of levelled at older fans? by Unregistered
  • Fusions: When Fandom Gets Chocolate in its Peanut Butter

    In this episode, we focus on fusion AUs, those fics that are kind of a crossover, but also not quite a crossover. We talk about Sentinel AUs as the fusions that they are and share details of the original canon most fans aren't aware of. We muse on why drift compatibility draws people into Pacific Rim fandom. And we talk about the many fandoms that either aren't fusions but should be, or are and we want more.

    2 4 How often do you read fusion AUs where you are not familiar with one fandom? by Unregistered
  • When The Online Ends Up Offline

    In this episode, J.M. Frey, Di, and Katie join the mod to tell stories of the ways that the online world of the fanfiction community has had measurable real offline impacts on them. From the friends they've made in fandom, to the intersection between the worlds of professional writing and fanfiction, to how fanfiction inspires other fannish interests like cosplay or fancrafting, we talk about what happens when fanfiction makes its way into your real everyday life. That, plus Katie shares stories of bringing kink from fic into your bedroom, the mod tears up talking about the best Christmas present she ever got in a Secret Santa, and everyone appreciates the hard work and effort that go into writing fic.

    1 1 How Has Fanfiction Impacted Your Real Offline Life? by theotpodcast
  • Marvel's Civil War Special: Team Tony or Team Steve

    In the Team Steve episode, Lita and Dusty share their love of Steve Rogers in fanfiction with the mod, from the early days when fans imagined him as Skinny Steve living in the 1940's, through to post-Avengers fanfiction where he sometimes had hate sex with Tony, but other times helped him raise Peter Parker as their own, through to now heading into Civil War where he's mostly cuddling with Bucky Barnes when he's not the subject of a Hydra Trash Party. We cover all of it, plus try and figure out Steve's politics, purity level, and anger level and we try and convince you why writing about Steve Rogers is where it's at. In the Team Tony episode, Di and Chris join the mod to talk about loving Tony Stark, going all the way back to the early days of MCU fandom. We explore his relationship with his bots, the competence of Pepper Potts, the fluidity of his sexuality, why Frostiron is so appealing, and whether or not Tony should be considered a villain or just his own worst enemy. That, plus we ask whether you can buy friends, what is up with the complicated Stark family history with Steve Rogers, and why it's fun to be a Tony Stark fan.

    2 2 Now that Civil War is out, where do you think MCU fandom will go from there with Tony and Steve? by theotpodcast
  • The Furthest Ring of Homestuck Fandom

    In this episode, Joan and Birdy attempt to explain Homestuck and its fandom to the mod and we talk about Andrew Hussie, the Cascade, what the heck a quadrant is and what romance is like between trolls, and AUs with the -stuck suffix. And the mod says "Oooookaaaaay" a lot.

    1 2 What advice do you have for new fans trying to get into Homestuck and its fandom? by Victory March
  • RPF: When Fanfiction Gets Real

    In this episode, Lita and Alex join the mod to talk about both the joys and the stigma surrounding Real Person Fiction. We get into bandom, sports fandom, Rooster Teeth and what exactly Fake Person Fiction is, wonder how exactly The Social Network or Hamilton are really all that different from a great Kingsmen: Secret Service PWP, and break down exactly how "real" RPF actually is.

    1 1 Why do you think that RPF is so stigmatized both within and outside of fandom? by theotpodcast
  • From Headcanon to Fanon to Canon and Back Again

    In this episode, we actually have two entirely separate conversations that ended up being about the same things - the way that fans interact with canon and the question of how to define canon. When is a creator's headcanon just a headcanon? What did Joss Whedon do that turned his very name into a synonym for a painful canon-explosion? And in the end, why do fans adore some aspects of canon, turn others into fanon, and reject others entirely?

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  • Fanfiction as Erotica and Pornography

    In this episode, we get to a topic that should not really have taken us so long and is central to the world of fanfiction: the role of fanfiction as erotica and pornography! Contributors Curious, Lexi and Katie join the mod to share their experiences in the world of loving erotica, when fanfiction should or shouldn't make it's way into your real bedroom, the difference between a great and bad PWP, and generally celebrate the fanfiction community as a safe haven for free sexual expression.

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  • 2015 in Fic and Fandom

    Contributors Bio and Alex join the mod for a thorough look at the trends, issues and emerging fandoms of 2015 and check in with fandom's mainstays. We considering questions like: Will slash continue to dominate fanfiction, or are het and femslash the future? Does binge-watching impact the size and strength of a fandom? And what will Star Wars fandom look like in the coming months and years? Plus, we pour one out for Journalfen and Fandomwank.

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  • Yuletide, Gift Exchanges and Fandom's Season of Giving

    The holidays are a time to think about others and open up your heart, and that extends to the fanfiction community too! In a special, festive episode, we talk about Yuletide, Secret Santas and Gift Exchanges and the ways in which those of us who love fanfiction get into the holiday spirit.

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  • Daredevil and the Evolution of a New Fandom

    Episode 7 of our show is about all things Daredevil and Defenders in the world of fanfiction and fandom, but specifically about how Daredevil is evolving as a new fandom. Contributors Birdy and Manda join the mod to talk potential ship wars, Jessica Jones femslash, Matt Murdock's sub tendencies, why Slavery AUs are so divisive, and why nobody seems to be looking forward to Iron Fist.

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  • Warnings, Triggers and Squicks

    Our sixth episode features contributors Manda and Lita sharing their own personal squicky things, but also their opinions on warnings and triggers. When should you warn? Are triggers really a writers' responsibility to be aware of? What's the difference between something triggering and something that squicks you out? These questions and more get discussed.

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  • Sailing The Good Ship

    Whether it's friends to lovers or you're into the idea that opposites attract, het, slash, an OT3 or even a BROTP, you can't talk about fanfiction without talking about ships. Our contributors Di and J.M. Frey share their OTPs, defend Ginny Weasley, and encourage Marvel fans to make love, not Civil War. We also get into the ways that sometimes, shipping can get taken a bit too far.

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  • Angst, Whump and Hurt/Comfort: Why Characters Have to Suffer

    This week, Birdy and Bio join the mod to talk about angst, whump and hurt/comfort. We share our favourite angsty tropes, discuss why our favourite male characters are so pretty when they suffer, and generally take an emo plunge into the depths of our sadness.

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  • A Guide to Beta Reading

    The mod is joined by contributors Renee and Sunny to get some insight and advice on the beta reading process. We talk about the necessity of beta readers as more and more fanfiction is mined by publishers, how to make your criticism constructive, and why you may want to check if there's a cream for that before you have a character kill themselves melodramatically over an illness.

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  • Gender and Fanfiction

    Dusty Soul and Katie Mayo join the mod to take on the extremely broad topic of gender and fanfiction. We muse on why so many women write fanfiction, their obsession with gay romance, trans characters and the language we use to refer to gender in fanfiction, and the pros and cons of A/B/O and genderswap fics.

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